BITCOIN HAS HANGED AROUND THE SAME PRICE FOR WEEKS. Almost no volatility , immediate correction in the event of a breakout . Why? 1) 75% of bitcoin owners are hodlers, they don’t buy or sell anything at the moment 2) it’s holiday season. It is quieter than usual in various branches of the business world 3) I suspect that 1 or more Whales sell every time the price reaches $30,000. I mainly suspect that the US government is (as it said) dumping large amounts of its BTC supply (stupid but it needs FIAT for the national debt) 4) Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a class of its own, a protection against inflation, so less sensitive to inflation figures, etc. 5) Statistically, August (and also September) is a red month for BTC. Unless there is a real game changer, for example; more banks falling, the halving and eventual final approval of spot ETFs will find their way to higher regions

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